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Small construction and renovation jobs can often be done at home by yourself. Installing a shelf or replacing the siphon in a washbasin or building a partition wall does not usually require the intervention of a professional. However, there are activities for which it is much better to use the help of a specialist. See what jobs are worth hiring a professional for

Plastering walls

When it comes to finishing construction works, plastering walls is a step that is not worth saving. Straight, even and smooth walls are a base for painting or wallpapering but it has to be done very carefully and solidly. On a badly plastered wall paint may peel and fall off and any irregularities in the plaster will be emphasized after painting. This job requires a lot of skill and precision as well as the ability to efficiently use tools such as a putty knife or a spirit level. That is why this task should be left to a professional who will know how to best apply plaster for painting or wallpapering walls

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Choosing materials and products

A good quality product makes the work much easier and usually prolongs the durability of the workmanship. From the perspective of someone with no experience in the construction industry, other than appearance, products differ little. However, a professional knows which brands of products have the highest quality, which are the best to work with and can read enigmatic for the average Kowalski descriptions and specifications. Therefore, it is worth asking an experienced builder for help in choosing materials for renovation. Such products as floor panels, ceramic tiles, PVC paints or plasters are important elements of interior decoration, which, poorly chosen, can quickly wear out or be destroyed

Measuring and cutting materials

When renovating, it often turns out that some space is badly measured or measured not according to what is needed. The way in which wall or floor measurements are taken can vary slightly depending on the purpose for which the measurement is being taken. Lack of this knowledge can result in buying too little or too much material, poor placement or fit. Cutting various building materials is also a task that is better left to a specialist. This not only requires specialized equipment, but also a keen eye and a steady hand. Laser or guillotine cutting of such things as sheet metal, pipes or tiles is definitely a job for a professional

Installing appliances with water and gas connections

Probably the most challenging of all home construction jobs is moving or extending a gas, electricity or water connection. Moving a gas stove to another place in the kitchen or moving a washbasin to another wall requires a lot of work and skill. To make the connection effective, tight and safe, it must be done by a specialist – plumber, electrician or gas engineer. Attempting to install these appliances and devices on your own may end up, in the best case, with flooding of your apartment and neighbors, in the worst case with electric shock or gas leakage. Do not risk and do not try to play Adam Malt in these matters. Hire a specialist who will safely do the job for you.

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Home improvement work is usually nothing difficult, and doing it yourself gives great satisfaction. However, there are some tasks that may prove too difficult or too demanding for the average DIY enthusiast. If you like doing small jobs around the house, don’t give it up, however, in crucial matters it is worth to trust the specialists. Before commissioning work, it’s a good idea to find out what modification options are available on, for example, a new plot of land. Such information is available in land registers e.g. at

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