How to comprehensively take care of the area around your dream home?

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Even a state-of-the-art house, freshly renovated both inside and out and perfectly landscaped, will not look special when surrounded by a neglected and cluttered garden

If you dream of a well-thought-out, eye-catching space complementing your spacious interiors, where you can relax, drink coffee before going to work or read a book, as well as organize memorable social meetings, take care of your garden plot. By following these simple tips you can turn the area around your home into a garden of your dreams.

Firstly, a well-tended, evenly trimmed lawn

Whether the area around your house is covered with grayish earth, heavy concrete slabs or elegantly laid cobblestones – to visually warm up the space, it’s worth setting aside space for a lawn. The calming, yet juicy green of the grass will invite you to lie down on it on hot summer days.

Keep in mind that the maintenance of a beautiful lawn involves regular watering, fertilizing and mowing (the ideal height is about 3-6 cm). Hand or electric mowers are enough for regular trimming on small areas, but tractor mowers are indispensable for larger areas. You’ll save time and be able to take care of your beard.

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Second – eye-catching plants, regardless of the season

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy greenery in the garden, even on sad and wintry days? When managing the space around your home, it’s worth investing in plants that remain decorative throughout the year. Evergreen shrubs, such as boxwoods, rhododendrons and mahoganies, often have low soil requirements, but when deciding to plant them, you should be concerned about frost resistance and the care they require. Properly cultivated, they will return the favor with stunning flowers in spring.

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Third – a year-round, comfortable place for relaxation

Meetings, parties and beloved by everyone barbecues in the house garden could not take place without garden furniture allowing to sit comfortably in the fresh air. Properly selected leisure will constitute a coherent whole with both the climatic interior of the house, materials used for finishing its facade, as well as plants occurring in the garden. If you want your chosen garden furniture to look aesthetically pleasing for a long time – while deciding on the purchase, pay attention that they are characterized by high resistance to moisture.

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