A mini-guide – what is ozone treatment?

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The autumn and winter period, unfortunately, favors lowered immunity, and thus also colds. This is also the time when the human body is exposed to all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, these microorganisms primarily attack the immune system and weaken it. One way to fight for health is to ozonize your home. This is the most common and the most preferred method of disinfection. What is ozonization?

Oxygen and ozone

In this case, it is necessary to say something about oxygen. As each of us knows, it is a component that is essential for breathing for most organisms. In addition, this chemical element is part of many organic compounds, which include proteins and carbohydrates. Oxygen in its free state consists of two-atom molecules.

The exception, however, is ozone, which is also oxygen but is made up of three-atomic molecules. It is the third atom that has the ability to detach and react with other compounds. It usually develops other substances and forms other substances. Because ozone is very reactive it is used in disinfection and also in odor neutralization. When ozonizing, it should be used very carefully because it can damage not only the lungs but also the skin.

What is ozonization?

Ozonation of rooms involves the use of oxidation reactions. This is all thanks to ozone, which is very active chemically, and therefore also reacts with many organic compounds. First of all, it is about microorganisms, which have a harmful effect on the human body. We are talking here about mold, fungi, dust mites and allergens.

During ozonization their oxidation occurs. The effect of this phenomenon is decomposition of all harmful compounds and pathogens to simpler factors, which no longer pose any threat to humans. What does ozonization give? Practically immediately the room smells fresh and delicate. Similar olfactory impression can be felt, for example, just after the storm. Why exactly then? Because in this situation the concentration of ozone in the air increases.

How long does it take to ozonize a house?

Ozonization usually takes a few hours. However, the duration of the entire process depends on the size of the room and the efficiency of the device. It takes time for the ozone to mix with the air and reach every corner of the apartment. What happens when the generator is switched off? Ozone changes into oxygen and its level decreases minute by minute.

It is also very important to ventilate the apartment after ozone treatment. This is done by specially trained employees of disinfection and ozonization companies. After the process is completed it is necessary to check the concentration of trichlene in the air. The cleaning and disinfection procedure should not be carried out on your own. The best solution is to use the offer of a professional company, such as Disinfection Center. Ozonowanie Białystok is a great way to get rid of all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

Is ozonization harmful to health?

Many people wonder if the whole process can harm our health. The answer is that if the cleaning and disinfection is carried out in accordance with the instructions and all manufacturer’s recommendations – we have nothing to worry about.

However, the most important thing is not to stay indoors during the ozone treatment. It is also necessary to ventilate the apartment after the disinfection is finished. Only then can we be sure that the entire process will not harm us.

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