Replacing the floor on the balcony – what material to bet on?

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The floor on the balcony is exposed to a lot of weathering, so it should be made of durable materials. Which ones are worth opting for? We suggest!

The balcony floor is affected by a number of harmful factors every day – high temperatures, frost, rain, pollution. If you spend a lot of time on the balcony, the floor will also wear out over time and become permanently stained. Then it may be necessary to replace it. What materials are worth betting on so that the floor not only serves for many years, but also looks aesthetically pleasing?

Tile balcony floor

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for balcony flooring. Their advantages are: affordable price, easily washable surface, wide choice of patterns and colors. When buying tiles, we must pay attention to their water absorption rate, which must not exceed 3%. With such parameters, we can be sure that the material does not absorb water, and in winter it will not crack under the influence of low temperatures. Also important is the abrasion class of the tiles, which determines resistance to abrasion and scratching. For the balcony, choose tiles that have a class IV or V. It’s also worth deciding on the purchase of anti-slip tiles, this way we can avoid the risk of slipping during rainy and frosty days.

On the balcony, tiles with structured patterns or non-uniform colors work well, on which dirt is less visible. Avoid tiles with smooth surfaces and light colors, such as white and beige.

Wooden flooring for the balcony

Tiles are the type of material that gives the impression of being cool. A good alternative can be wood that adds coziness and warmth to the space. Importantly, the wooden floor does not heat up from the sun, and its cleaning and care does not take much time at all. We can wash it with gentle liquids designed for wood. It is important to remove any dirt on a regular basis, so that the material will not be discolored. In case of local mechanical damage, the wood can be restored.

If you decide to have a wooden floor on the balcony, you need to remember about regular maintenance. Once or twice a year we impregnate the wood and protect it with a protective product. Care depends on the species, it is best to choose exotic ones, which, although more expensive, are harder and therefore more durable.

Stone balcony flooring

Stone tiles are the most expensive, but also the most durable material. Stone is characterized by resistance to mechanical injury, water, moisture or frost. However, it is important to properly install and impregnate the material, only then the floor will serve us for many years.

On the balcony, basalt, granite or slate tiles will work best. Avoid such materials as sandstone, limestone and marble, as they wear down and get dirty quickly.

Artificial grass on the balcony

Artificial grass can be an ingenious ground on the balcony. With it you will create a spring arrangement that encourages relaxation. Despite appearances, such material is soft to the touch. Artificial grass is characterized by resistance to weathering. The material does not mold or emit an unpleasant odor, and its care is limited to regular vacuuming and washing with mild detergents. During rainy days, artificial grass may soak up water, but it dries quickly.

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