How to develop empty walls?

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The walls can be a real decoration of your interior – you just need to use them properly. We suggest which accessories and wall decorations will add character to your apartment.

Brick or stone decoration

If you do not know what single decoration to choose for an empty wall, a great solution can be to decorate it as a whole. Wall decorations made of brick or decorative stone are extremely popular, but also very aesthetic and impressive. The irregular texture attracts the eye and beautifully emphasizes the arrangement of the apartment. Such decoration will look best if you place it on one selected wall in your interior. They are most often used in living rooms or bedrooms, but they will look great in the kitchen as well. Characteristic scratches, grooves and chipped will find their use in many styles – Scandinavian, modern, industrial, minimalist or rustic

Chalkboard not only at school

Green boards, on which you can write with chalk, we usually associate only with school and the answer to the evaluation. It does not have to be like that at all! The chalkboard can also be a great decoration of your home. It will be perfect in the kitchen, where you will be able to write on it your favorite recipes, shopping list, or messages for other household members. You can also use the chalkboard as a place to collect signatures and drawings from your guests. If everyone who comes to visit your friends and family signs and draws something, you’ll have a great souvenir. A chalkboard is also great for families with small children. It will be an added attraction for them, and parents will avoid the surprise of painted walls. To hang the chalkboard on the wall you will need a holder, which you can find at

Art on the walls – paintings

The most timeless decoration of walls are certainly paintings. After all nothing can decorate an interior so beautifully and give it an unusual and unique atmosphere as art. Paintings will be a great addition to an arrangement of a living room, bedroom or a hall. Depending on your taste, you can bet on well-known artists or look for young, yet undiscovered painters. Certainly, both of these solutions will make your walls a pleasure for the eye. If your interior has a Scandinavian style, then modern art will be the best choice – geometric and simple forms will perfectly fit the whole arrangement. On the other hand, if you prefer something more in the style of glaomur or retro chic, then you will be delighted with replicas of great works like Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss or Van Gogh’s art.

Wall lighting

You can also use an empty wall by placing lighting on it, such as elegant wall sconces from Such classic wall lamps will be particularly useful in the evening, when you want to create a sensual atmosphere with a soft light. Remember also that it is best to choose such a light, which as much as possible resembles the natural one. This way you will feel better in the room and relax more. You should also opt for lighting that will emphasize the character of the decor and will match other accessories and furniture.

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