Ways to protect your home against burglary

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Everyone wants their home to be a safe place. It is therefore worth taking extra care of this safety. Learn about proven methods of securing your home against burglary.

The basis of home security, or burglarproof doors

The basic form of home protection against burglaries is to install a burglar proof door. But how to choose a door, so that it can perform its function well? A burglar proof door should first of all have appropriate hinges, which prevent the removal of the leaf from the door frame

In this type of doors special bolts or hooks are mounted, which additionally block their removal in case the hinges are cut. The lock is also a very important element. Remember that the higher the number of bolts, the more resistant the door is to balancing.

Burglarproof windows – the best protection against thieves

The most effective method of protection against a potential burglary, especially if you live in a cottage or on the ground or second floor, are anti-burglary windows. Remember, however, that in the case of such windows there is a six-grade scale of security – the best and safest windows are those with class 6. If you already decide to install anti-burglary windows, you can also enrich them with additional protection systems, for example special hardware that prevents windows from sliding out of the hinges. A handle that is locked from the inside with a key will also certainly come in handy.

When it comes to securing your windows, you should also consider buying anti-burglary roller blinds. It is nothing else than roller blinds with reinforced guides and armouring.

Alarm systems

It is also good to consider an additional means of protecting your home, which are alarm systems and monitoring. The mere presence of such a system reduces the likelihood of a burglary because, according to the Securing Home and Business Report, homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be burglarized

Video surveillance and alarms come in handy especially when you are away for long periods of time or if you are away from home all day. As well as protecting your home, they can also make your neighbors more alert – if they hear an alarm, they are more likely to notice something disturbing and alert the authorities.

Home insurance

Speaking of home security, it’s also worth mentioning insurance, which will protect your home not only against burglary and theft, but also against many other random events.

A basic insurance policy usually protects only the real estate and its fixed elements, but for additional security of your property, you can extend it to cover your home’s movables, i.e. equipment such as home appliances or furniture. Remember that you need to have the right amount of coverage for the policy to really make sense. Analyze the market value of your apartment and the items inside, which could be stolen or destroyed by burglars, and choose the insurance for the same amount. Remember that the sum insured is the highest amount you can count on in case of damage, so choose it carefully.

Main Photo: Markus Winkler/unsplash.com

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