Lighting in a bathroom without windows – what should be kept in mind?

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Construction, and especially blocks of flats do not spoil us with spacious bathrooms with natural light. Often these are small rooms in which there are no windows. Then it turns out that lighting such a space is not at all easy. Especially if the bathroom will fulfill several functions. How to choose the right lighting and what should we not forget?

Bathroom without a window

This solution, which – as we mentioned – is often used in urban construction, where every centimeter of space counts and proper planning is difficult but also crucial. This is when we most often encounter bathrooms without windows. When arranging this type of interior we have to take into account two basic problems: proper lighting and air circulation, or ventilation. 


The more, the better

This is the principle that should guide us, especially if we want the bathroom to perform several functions. For example, if in addition to ordinary bathroom activities, will be performed here, it is worth thinking about a good lighting of the mirror with light of natural color, which will help us avoid unnecessary mishaps. When we want this room in the evenings to turn into an oasis of peace and home spa, we can install a gentle lighting, for example having a dimming option. Of course, the main light is also necessary and should not be forgotten. 

Remember that each light source (or group of lights) should have its own independent switch. This is a useful option that we sometimes forget about at the very beginning, which can cause a lot of problems at later stages of the work. The option of separate switching helps us to create the “atmosphere of the interior”, especially in the evening, when, depending on the mood, we can turn on only wall lamps or single points of light. 


LED lighting

In bathrooms without windows there is sensational LED lighting. You can choose several different types, such as plafonds, single points of light (which can be recessed into the ceiling), LED strips, strips or galleries over the mirror or picture. This is a practical and energy-efficient solution that will allow us to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

With LED lighting it is also worth considering the choice of appropriate color of light. A warm glow will bring coziness and bliss into the bathroom. A cool one, on the other hand, will add freshness to it. 

Whether you opt for traditional or led lighting, remember that the bathroom as a room requires us to take special measures. When choosing bathroom lamps, we must pay attention to the degree of their waterproofness. Sometimes, especially if the bathrooms are large and have proper air circulation, we can install traditional lamps in them. In case of a small area and especially in places exposed to contact with water or steam, it is better to bet on models with a higher level of tightness expressed as IP. The safest will be those described as IP44, IP54 and IP65.

Additional shine 

A great addition, which will additionally illuminate and optically enlarge the bathroom, will be placing a large mirror in it and installation of reflective tiles. Thanks to that the interior will become even more cozy and full of light. 

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