Will roll grass work in any garden?

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Grass on a roll is delivered in the form of rolls. They contain grass roots and a thin layer of soil. The product simply needs to be unrolled, watered and the garden lawn is ready. On the surface, this method seems ideal for all spaces, but will it really suit every garden? You can find the most important information on this subject with us!

Grass on a roll – characteristics

Grass on a roll is the easiest way to create a new lawn or repair defects in an old one. You may have already come into contact with it without even knowing it, for example, during a walk in the park or next to public institutions. This solution avoids the tedious process of sowing seeds and waiting for grass. Grass on a roll is used, among others, in sports stadiums and golf courses, as well as next to state institutions or garden lawns.

Where can you get grass on a roll?

Roll grass is grown first by local suppliers. For this reason, it takes well to land located in a specific geographic area. Roll grass producers first fertilize and regularly move and water the grass for about 10-18 months. Then they cut it to a standard size and roll it with special equipment onto pallets.

What to pay attention to when choosing grass on a roll?

An important consideration when choosing grass on a roll is to select the right type. If the grass comes from an unknown source, the lawn will quickly deteriorate. Pay attention to the characteristics of the local climate, weather conditions, the amount of sunshine or the number and type of animals. 

On what kind of soil will roll grass not work?

One of the factors that affect whether the grass on a roll will work is the characteristics of the substrate. In a situation where it is too clayey, there may be a need to mix sand so that the substrate has a granular texture. On the other hand, if the ground is too permeable, it will be necessary to compact the soil. The whole point is to eliminate any unevenness in the ground.

It is also worth paying attention to how the grass will be used. If it is to form a lawn next to a house, office building or park, then there will be no problems with it. However, if you know that there will be a lot of traffic around or on the lawn itself, or gardening work will be carried out, then you should seriously consider the standard solution – sowing grass.

Advantages and disadvantages of roll grass

Advantages include the speed of growth of grass on a roll. Once it is spread out, it begins to grow immediately. In addition, roll lawns prevent erosion of exposed soil. Turf can help control the speed and direction of stormwater runoff and improve drainage in areas where grass seed would be washed away.

Flexibility is also another advantage. Rolled grass can be planted at virtually any time of the year. All that is required is that the ground is not frozen. In addition, the grass from the roll looks impressive. Unlike seeds, it has an already established layout and there is no risk of unsightly-looking empty areas on the ground. 

The disadvantages certainly include the high price, as well as difficult availability. It is not always in the area of an inhabited city or smaller town that there is a supplier of roll grass. Higher costs are also generated by the installation of the lawn itself. It is worth bearing this in mind when deciding on this solution. 

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