Telescopic pruning shears. For which garden works will they be useful?

mężczyzna przycinający gałęzie
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Cutting hard-to-reach branches is very complicated because it requires a great deal of precision and strength. Why use telescopic pruning shears?

Telescopic pruning shears – tools for special tasks

Thanks to an extendable handle, the secateurs can be adjusted to the height of the person who cuts. This type of secateurs enable precise cutting of branches in hard-to-reach places. You can use it to trim coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs.

Types of telescopic pruning shears

You can find two types of blades in telescopic pruning shears – scissor and anvil blades. For dead and hardened branches the best will be telescopic pruning shears anvil. For precise cutting of young shoots in hard-to-reach places the best are telescopic pruning shears.

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Why should I use telescopic pruning shears?

Telescopic pruning shears increase comfort and safety of work. You do not need to climb a ladder to cut high branches. Pruning branches with a telescopic pruning shear requires the use of force.

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