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Herbs can be planted in ceramic and metal pots, but they look nicest in wooden boxes. How to make such a wooden box DIY?

Making a herb box step by step

To make a wooden herb box you will need:

  • slats,
  • boards cut to size (these can be ordered at any DIY store),
  • a drill and screwdriver,
  • four angle brackets,
  • construction foil to line the inside of the box,
  • thermal glue and a gun.

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Before installation, the boards should be painted with wood preservative. This treatment should be carried out every few years. If you are building such a box for the first time, then you should first make its design on a piece of paper. This will help you avoid mistakes while screwing it together.

Start assembling the herb box by nailing the two longer and two shorter boards together. The walls should be reinforced with angle brackets. In the next step, nail the longer boards to the bottom of the box. Drill holes in the bottom of the box for the slats that will serve as feet.

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