How to organize garden lighting with little cost?

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Properly designed lighting will bring any garden out of the gloom, giving it an unusual atmosphere. Besides, it is worth noting, lighting also has a practical function, as it provides security in the evening. How to plan garden lighting? Get inspired by our tips.

With carefully planned lighting, we can move around the garden without fear even after dark. It is important to illuminate all alleys and paths, as well as doorways, stairs, driveways, gazebos or terraces. Bright beams of light will make us feel safe walking through the far corners of the garden in the evenings. Besides, there is no denying that illuminated plants and trees look phenomenal. How to design garden lighting that will meet our requirements at a low cost?

Types of garden lamps

The range of garden lighting is rich and versatile. Before deciding on a particular type of lamp, it is worthwhile to read a brief description:

  • spotlights – they work best as spot lighting of plants or specific elements on buildings;
  • wall sconces – they are mounted to the wall of the house, fence or other fixed element of garden architecture;
  • posts – also called column lights, they are usually used to illuminate paths, flower beds and driveways;
  • lanterns – useful especially in large gardens, but we must remember that due to their heavy construction, skillful installation is required, taking into account a stable foundation;
  • plafonders and hanging lamps – most suitable for lighting balconies, covered parts of terraces, porches or gazebos;
  • overhead luminaires – turn on pressure and are waterproof. They will work well for paths, driveways or stairs.


When buying garden lamps, we should pay attention to their:

  • safety – choose models with a high IP safety rating, 
  • energy efficiency – the best choice will be lamps made with LED technology or ecological solar lamps, which provide even greater savings,
  • durability – pay attention to what materials the lamps are made of. A good quality product will allow safe and economical use, without the need for repairs or replacement.


What kind of lighting to choose in order not to incur high costs?

The latest lighting technologies offer powerful light with relatively low electricity consumption. If you want to create garden lighting at the lowest possible cost, you should think about investing in solar lamps, which do not require connection to electricity. Their operation is based on the accumulation of solar energy during the day, so they can give it back in the form of light after nightfall. Modern systems ensure that a solar lamp shines effectively for up to eight hours at night. It is difficult to find a more ecological and economical solution. If you decide to buy solar lamps, you will really only have to set yourself up for one major expense. The use of the lamps will not involve any bills.

The advantage of solar lamps is also their mobility. Thanks to the fact that they do not have to be connected to the grid, we can move them and set them up in any part of the garden.

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