Garden irrigation – do it yourself!

automatyczne nawadnianie trawnika
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You want to enjoy a green lawn and beautiful flowers in your garden, but daily watering is too much for you? Set up a home garden irrigation system yourself to make delivering water to your plants quick and easy

Before starting the work, check if the water source has enough pressure to supply the irrigation system. If the technical requirements are met, we can get to work!

How to install an irrigation system in your garden?

An automatic irrigation system consists of pipes, usually buried under the lawn, and the appropriate number of sprinklers. The whole system is powered by electro-valves, which are placed in a special box

First of all, you need to make a design for the layout of the irrigation system so that the sprinklers can water the entire garden area. The best way is to install both static and rotating sprinklers. You can also connect to the system dripline and emitters for watering beds or vegetable garden. It’s best to install the system before the lawn is established, so you can avoid digging up the turf and then re-seeding the grass

A garden irrigation system can be programmed to water plants as needed. It is also worth having a rainfall sensor, which prevents the system from starting when it rains. The undoubted advantage of such a solution is to reduce the consumption of water that we use to water the garden

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