How to safely store garden furniture through autumn and winter?

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When the autumn and winter season approaches, we should take care to protect our garden and patio furniture from adverse weather conditions. How to do this to enjoy the good condition of your furniture for years to come? Check out our tips.

Before we focus on how to properly store garden furniture in autumn and winter, let’s make sure to clean it. Not only harmful atmospheric conditions, but also intensive use and the dirt then formed can cause damage, leading to rusting, among other things. Regardless of how we intend to store the furniture, let’s first clean it. We can use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, which we dampen in a lukewarm cleaning solution. If our furniture has numerous grooves, let’s use a soft brush. Larger dirt will be removed with baking soda and gray soap. After washing the furniture, we can impregnate it with a special product or varnish it. Only after these activities do we focus on their storage. Its method depends on the material from which the garden furniture is made.

How to store garden furniture made of technorattan?

Garden furniture made of technorattan is one of the most resistant to adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, in the autumn and winter period they require at least minimal protection. After cleaning them, we can move them to the garage or shed – rattan furniture is made of polyethylene, so it is lightweight and easy to transport. Most chairs can be put one into another, so they won’t take up much space. If you lack storage space for your technorattan furniture, you can keep them outside, but you need to take care of proper rain covers. It is worth choosing those made of durable cordura, frost and waterproof. Especially PVC-reinforced and impregnated covers will work well.

How to store metal garden furniture?

Metal garden furniture is usually already well-protected, so you can store it in the garden during the autumn and winter cold without worry. However, if you are concerned about rusting, you can opt for high-quality covers. It is worth noting that cast iron garden furniture is most vulnerable to corrosion. Before covering them with a cover, we should first remove the tarnish that has formed on their surface, and then protect the whole thing with a specialized protective paint. Aluminum furniture, on the other hand, is distinguished by such high resistance to harmful effects of the weather that it does not even need covers.

How to store plastic garden furniture?

Although it is recognized that plastic garden furniture is among the most durable, it is not as sturdy as those made of polypropylene, for example. So how to take care of furniture made of plastic? First, we should clean them with a pressure washer or a product designed for plastics. Avoid preparations that contain microbeads, as they can scratch the surface of the furniture.

We can store plastic garden furniture outdoors, but only when autumn and winter are relatively warm and mild. In the case of very low temperatures and frosts, the furniture is better stored in the garage or in a storage room, so that it does not become brittle and breakable.

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