Cordless shears – what kind of work will they be useful for?

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Every garden owner knows how important is the equipment he uses. It must be sturdy, practical, reliable, as well as designed for the tasks we foresee. 

An additional and undeniable advantage is also to reduce the time needed to perform a given activity. If we do not have a large storage shed, it is worth thinking about equipment that is multifunctional. One such piece of equipment is cordless shears. When can we use them and is it worth having them in our storage shed?

Cordless shears – where will you use them?

Shears, regardless of whether it is a cordless, diesel or manual model, are usually used to take care of hedges, which, right next to lawns, have a representative function in our gardens. However, this is not their only use. Especially cordless shears are recommended for the care of trees and shrubs, specifically for their spring or autumn pruning. They are particularly useful for various types of ornamental shrubs. They are even ideal equipment that allows us to create fancy shapes from our plants. They will be an indispensable help when cutting balls, spirals or other forms of garden art. What’s more, spring pruning of trees and shrubs with shears will stimulate them to grow and create new shoots, as well as enhance their flowering. They will work best in small home gardens – the average gardener.

Advantages of cordless shears

Cordless pruners are useful garden equipment that have many uses and combine the features of both manual and diesel-powered counterparts. Their undeniable advantage is their relatively small size, as well as low weight. As a result, virtually anyone can work with them. In addition, this affects the ease of work, even if it takes more than a few minutes. They are efficient and comfortable. They will prove useful not only at home or in the garden, but also on a plot of land outside the city, where we can easily transport them. What’s more, special models equipped with outriggers allow us to reach higher plants without a ladder and other hard-to-reach places. Compared to their mains counterpart, we don’t have to look for power and worry about whether there is enough wire. The worry of possibly cutting the cord during a moment of inattention is also eliminated. We can take them even to the remotest corner of the garden or orchard and still comfortably do our work. Their loudness during operation is comparable to electric models, unlike their noisy combustion counterparts.

It is also easy to use, so people who have not dealt with such or similar equipment before will easily cope with their operation.

Most models are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which allow them to run at high speed for about 40-60 minutes, after which time their performance decreases until they are completely exhausted. The battery itself usually takes from about an hour to a maximum of three hours to charge.

What to pay attention to when buying? 

When you decide to buy cordless shears, you need to pay attention to the length of the blade, the weight, the thickness of the cut, the power, the type and duration of the battery, as well as additional equipment. It is also important that they have a charger and battery included, as there are times when you have to buy them separately.

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