Conifers for the terrace and balcony. What shrubs can be grown in a pot?

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Placing conifers on the terrace or balcony will certainly be a good decision. The plants can be in a pot on the patio or porch, and the trees themselves are easy to provide ideal soil.

The best option for these spaces will be dwarf conifers, ideal for containers. Learn more about coniferous plants that are suitable for growing in a pot on a patio or balcony from us!

Dwarf conifers – what are they?

Conifers are a group of plants whose seeds are stored in cones. Their presence on the terrace or balcony will certainly have a positive effect on the appearance of the space. Trees are characterized by subtle shade and interesting shapes. They can also provide a contrast to the other plants on the terrace and balcony. 

Dwarf conifers are classified as conifers and are bred to remain smaller than standard species. They are usually about 1/20 the size of a regular plant, such as a pine or spruce. They usually grow only a few centimeters per year (8 cm) and their maximum height is about 2 meters.

What species are recommended for cultivation?

Certainly, it is worth recommending a variety of Hinoki cypress – Golden Sprite or a variation of Mariesia. You can also opt for another plant from the group of living trees – Thuja. If someone feels like adding an irregularly shaped conifer to his terrace or balcony, he can opt for a weeping blue Atlas cedar.

Hinoki cypress, variety Golden Sprite – how to grow

Hinoki cypress is easy to grow, hardy (it can withstand up to -26 ° C!). It prefers moist, but well-drained, loamy soil. The reaction of the soil should be slightly acidic with a pH of 5.0 to 6.0. The cypress also requires regular watering, and in winter it sheds old needles.

The tree can grow in light shade, but it has the best conditions for growth in full sunlight. It is worth bearing in mind that the Hinoki Golden Sprite Cypress does not tolerate transplanting well, so you should adjust the planting site so that it can accommodate a fully mature tree. The tree does not need fertilization, but when you notice a nutrient deficiency, you can use additional supplementation, designed for acid-loving plants.

Tuja – how to take care of it?

Tuja is a plant that tolerates different conditions. It prefers full sun, but, like the Hinoki Cypress, it can also grow in partial shade. It is suitable for growing at temperatures down to -30°C. It thrives well in a variety of soil types, including hard clay. It grows best in a moderately moist location where the soil has an alkaline to neutral pH.

Thuja tolerates short periods of drought, but a longer break from access to water will have a negative effect on growth. In addition, the thuja loves rain, and looks striking all year round.

Atlas cedar ‘Glauca Pendula’ – growing

The dwarf variety of the plant should have access to soil rich in organic matter with an acidic pH. The soil must also be well drained. If it is a heavy soil, it will limit root growth and increase the likelihood of root rot. The dwarf variety of Atlas cedar feels best in sunny places, but should also be protected from the wind.

Is it worth having conifers on the terrace or balcony?

Definitely yes. The plants look striking, and are easy to grow. With them, you can create contrasting arrangements by combining conifers with deciduous trees or shrubs. This will make your terrace or balcony look even better!

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