What to keep in mind when buying an anti-burglary door?

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Burglar-proof doors are an investment for years, not only in terms of finishing the house, but most importantly in terms of the safety of its inhabitants. 

Burglaries in single-family houses or apartments are no longer as frequent, but they still happen. This is certainly influenced, among other things, by a greater awareness of how to protect the household from unauthorized visitors, and the fact that the products we buy, such as doors and windows, make it difficult or completely impossible to enter the interior in our absence. Burglar-proof blinds or the installation of home monitoring also act as a deterrent.

Burglar-proof doors – what kind of doors?

The front door is not only the showpiece of our home, but also the first bastion a potential burglar will face. That’s why they should not only be pretty and match the rest of the house, but must also have specific parameters to make us feel safer. It is good if they are impact resistant and have high acoustic and thermal insulation properties. 

Increased resistance of doors to burglary is denoted by the letters A, B and C, with the last one providing the highest security. The class is influenced by several important factors, such as the material, construction, hardware and locks, among others.

What to pay attention to when choosing a burglar-proof door?

Appearance and material

Appearance is not the most important thing, but the door is an undisputed showcase of the house, so it is worth it that it is simply nice and we like it. After all, this is an investment for many years. Today on the market we can find many models that combine beauty, convenience and security. What’s more, burglar-proof doors do not have to be made exclusively of metal. You won’t have any problems finding a glazed or wooden model with an interesting design. There are also options made of aluminum, as well as PVC. Whatever you choose, check all the parameters carefully.

Lock, cylinder, hinges, threshold

These are other important elements to consider when choosing an anti-burglary door. In their case, it is worth asking the locksmith which solutions will be most effective for you. It is important that they meet specific criteria to ensure the safety of people and objects locked in the house. Multi-point door locks with built-in bolts are often chosen. In terms of hinges, it is worth betting on a model with 3 points. They should work lightly, and prevent the door from being removed from the frame. Also important will be various types of bolts, bolts and anti-burglary hooks mounted in the sash. Ideally, the lock activates at least 4 bolts extending in different directions. Here the rule is simple: the more bolts – the better and safer. Metal thresholds make it more difficult to break down the door and are a solid base that is also partly responsible for thermal insulation.

Reputation of the manufacturer

There is no fooling, when choosing a burglar-proof door, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. It is behind his brand that there are all sorts of guarantees and certificates from independent testing centers. What’s more, on the web we can read the opinions of other customers about the models or solutions we are interested in. Unfortunately, reputation often goes hand in hand with a higher cost, which we have to reckon with. However, taking into account the psychological comfort and security of the family in the long term, the price does not turn out to be so high. 

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