Insulation of facades with polystyrene foam

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Styrofoam is one of the most popular materials that is used to insulate facades. It is also very easy to use, so there is no wonder that it is so often recommended by specialists

This, however, does not mean that there are no difficulties and mistakes when performing insulation with styrofoam. If you want to avoid them, it is necessary to find out how to properly install the insulation.

What is the best styrofoam facade insulation system to choose?

One of the first steps is to determine what system will be applied Styrofoam insulation on the external walls of the building. In order to apply the insulation you need not only high-quality foamed polystyrene foam but also primer, glue and pins. You will need mesh and adhesive mortar. Plaster and façade paint will be needed, although its presence is determined by the building owner. It is worth deciding to choose high quality materials. In addition, it is better not to decide to skip a single step, as this can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. It is necessary to follow all the steps to keep the construction and construction of the insulation in proper condition.

How to prepare the substrate for styrofoam facade insulation?

The next step is to prepare the foundation for the insulation. This means that all the walls of the building must be perfectly prepared for the application of a layer of Styrofoam. It is worth knowing that this is a material that has low elasticity. This means that it is not able to adjust to any cavities or irregularities. So before starting work, it is necessary to remove or fill them. It is also advisable to make sure that all the walls are smooth and well cleaned. If the walls of the house are very dirty, you can opt to have them washed. However, this is extra work and moreover, you will have to wait for them to dry. Very few people opt for this action.

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How to glue and stud polystyrene foam?

After preparing the wall, you can move on to applying Styrofoam. For this it is necessary to use a high-quality adhesive that is strong and resistant to adverse effects of external factors. It is worth knowing that the quality and effectiveness of facade insulation is affected by how and on what surface the adhesive is applied to the polystyrene foam. There are two ways to apply the adhesive. The first is to place the glue on the sides of the Styrofoam and make six larger dots in the middle part. The next is to paint the entire surface of the Styrofoam with glue. Both options are equally effective and durable. However, if the center dots with the first method are installed irregularly, then unfortunately, the durability of the insulation may be reduced.

How to fill gaps and defects in the facade insulation?

It is worth knowing that with such work there may be a problem with gaps and gaps between the Styrofoam. If they are larger than two millimeters, it is necessary to fill them. This can be done in two ways. The first is to use polystyrene foam, the second – to use low-compression foam. Why is it so important to fill the gaps? If they are not removed, there may be a problem with thermal bridges forming. This will weaken the effectiveness of the insulation. Additionally, larger gaps may be visible underneath the plaster and paint, which will negatively affect the appearance of the facade.

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Mortar and mesh application

One important step that is often overlooked and underestimated is the application of mortar and mesh. Once the Styrofoam is in place – and any gaps have been filled – the mortar can be applied to the Styrofoam surface, and then the mesh can be attached to the mortar. It should be made of glass fiber. Why is this a good solution? Thanks to this layer, the effectiveness and durability of the insulation will increase. In addition, the corners will be insulated more thoroughly, on which the mesh will be put.

Application of the plaster primer

The next step is the application of a plaster layer. It is worth knowing that this is the step that makes the insulation more effective and increases the adhesion to the plaster. It is a way to even out the absorbency. Also, do not forget that the plaster primer is available in a wide variety of colors. So you can match it to your liking.

Application of plaster and paint

The last step is the application of plaster and paint. Thanks to this step the building looks perfect and the whole insulation layer is additionally fixed. It is worth deciding on high quality plaster, which is distinguished by greater resistance to dirt and has a higher permeability.

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Following the above-mentioned rules, you can be sure that the foamed polystyrene insulation will be laid correctly.

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