How to choose a garage door?

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One of the elements that are essential when building a garage is the gate. However, how to choose it? First of all, properly selected gate to the garage works reliably in all conditions and does not allow for excessive heat escape from inside. We suggest what else to pay attention to.

The most important aspect you should pay attention to when choosing a garage door is the way they open. On the market, you will find many models, but the most popular and practical are the overhead sectional garage door, side sectional garage door, up-and-over garage door, roller garage door and swing garage door. In addition to choosing the model of the gate you also need to remember about the appropriate lock, for example the one offered by the brand Gerda.

Overhead sectional door

This is the most common type of garage door of all. The leaf of this type of gate consists of several segments connected by hinges that are protected by gaskets, which makes the joints protected against adverse weather conditions. How does such a gate work? The segments move on rollers along guides mounted to the walls and ceiling of the garage. When the gate is opened, the mantle hides under the ceiling. The cost of this model is approximately PLN 2500.

Side sectional garage door

This type of door is best suited for garages that are slightly lower but wider. The side sectional door works in the same way as the top sectional door, however, after opening the segments overlap not the ceiling but one of the side walls. A huge advantage of this solution is the fact that it takes up little space. Additionally, since the wing does not protrude beyond the outline of the garage, it can also be used for short driveways. The cost of a side sectional gate is around PLN 5000.

Overhead door

The swing gate is the most popular model, which has been used for many years. They are characterized by simple construction and uncomplicated mechanism of operation. The leaf, rising on the guides, first overlaps the car, and then it is hidden under the garage ceiling. The construction of such gate is usually made of steel or aluminum. The cost is only about PLN 700.

Roller garage door

Roll-up gates are very convenient to operate and extremely tight. How does this solution work? The laths are jointed along the entire length of the frame, creating an armouring. It is wound on a shaft placed in a cassette located above the garage entrance opening. Narrow laths of several centimetres composing the gate are made of steel or aluminium. These elements may be additionally filled with polyurethane foam. It is also worth noting that similarly to sectional models, they take up little space. The purchase of such a gate is an expense of 2000 PLN.

Hinged gate

The swing gate is the most traditional model. It consists of one or two wings mounted on hinges on the side frames – so we can say that it works similarly to doors. It is worth remembering, however, that these gates can be inconvenient to use in winter, because before opening them before the garage, you need to remove the snow that has accumulated. You can buy such a double-leaf gate for about 1800 PLN

What else should you pay attention to?

When choosing a garage door, you should pay attention to other parameters. Safety is very important, if not the most important, and it is ensured among others by such solutions as photocell, automatic disconnecting system, blockade in case of spring breakage and soft stop function. Also important is thermal insulation and the possibilities related to the gate control

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