External roller blinds. What to pay attention to before installation?

Rolety zewnętrzne. Na co zwrócić uwagę przed montażem?
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External roller shutters, apart from protecting against hot sun or cold, can also be a good acoustic barrier and protect against burglary. See what to look for before installing them.

External roller shutters One of the main advantages of external roller shutters is their effective thermal insulation. At high temperatures the roller shutters are able to successfully protect the interior against excessive heat. In winter, on the other hand, they can increase the effectiveness of insulation by up to 25%. They are also a durable and strong enough barrier to protect against burglary

The right type of roller blind

Before purchasing roller shutters, the first thing to determine is whether they are to be used for an existing building or a newly constructed building

Roller shutters for an existing building

In the case of an existing building, we can decide on the so-called surface or window roller blinds, which can be mounted on the wall or in a window recess. Such roller blinds will fit any type of window and their installation does not need to be planned at the stage of building design.

Roller blinds for a new building

If you are at the stage of designing your house, you can decide on under-plaster roller blinds which look very aesthetically pleasing but their installation requires a special recess in the lintel and proper development. Installation of such roller blinds is possible only during the construction of the house.

Proper fitting of roller blinds

When choosing exterior roller-shutters we should pay attention to their color – it should match the window frames and the color scheme and style of the building facade

Type of control

When choosing the exterior roller shutters we also have to decide on the way they will be controlled – manually or electrically. Manual roller shutters are equipped with a reel with tape or rope, located on the inner side of the window. The electric variant in the shaft of the cover has an electric motor, which can be connected by wires to a connector on the wall or receive radio waves from a remote control

External roller shutters are quite an expensive investment, but it pays for itself within a few years through lower heating bills in winter or air conditioning of the room during the summer.

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